Indicas, Sativas, & Hybrids Explained

What is the Difference Between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Marijuana Strains?



As a medical marijuana doctor in South Dakota, one of the most common questions asked by new patients is to explain the difference between the three different groups of marijuana strains offered at their local dispensary – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Although the distinction between the three doesn’t hold up well when looking purely at their genetics from a grower’s point of view, most medical marijuana users and budtenders will attest to their categorical differences in effects on the mind and body. 

Indica Strains Explained

Indica-dominant strains have sedating and relaxing effects. They’re recommended for medical marijuana patients dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, or anxiety. Known for creating a “body high”, they facilitate body relaxation and muscle tension relief. Indicas are regularly used by those who wish to relax in the evening; whether you’re watching a film, reading a book, or preparing for bedtime – an Indica strain is sure to provide that extra nightcap feel. 

Sativa Strains Explained

Sativa dominant strains, on the other hand, have more energizing and uplifting effects. They’re recommended for medical marijuana patients dealing with depression, fatigue, lack of focus, or lack of appetite. Known for creating a “head high”, they can help with focus and creativity. Externally, Sativa cannabis strains tend to cultivate tall and slender plants. These breeds are more adapted to sunny or tropical areas. However, with the help of indoor greenhouses, any variety of weed can be grown virtually anywhere now. This type is favored in the morning or afternoon by individuals who plan on performing a physical activity due to its energizing effects.

Hybrid Strains Explained

Various ratios of Indica and Sativa strains make up the Hybrid strains, which can result in a more balanced final product. It’s often said that Indicas are helpful for unwinding and relaxing, Sativas concentrate on energizing and motivating you, and Hybrid weed strains fall somewhere in between – the real pattern of distinction lies within their physical properties. That is, Indica plants appear alike to each other just as Sativa plants do. This knowledge enables farmers to grow powerful cannabis crops; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will have a consistent outcome upon consumption.


Which Weed Strain is Right for Me?

Despite these characteristics, it’s important to understand that any one patient’s experience with each type of strain may be different from the next due to multiple factors unique to that individual, such as the status of their endocannabinoid system, their age, environment, diet, lifestyle, medications (prescription or over the counter), and overall health, to name a few. Moreover, the CBD content and terpene profile of each strain will also play a role in how it affects any single patient.

As with any strain, we recommend consulting with a medical marijuana doctor before trying any new strain so as to understand the effects it might have on your body and condition. Contact us today if you need help getting your medical marijuana card in South Dakota. We are here to help! Book online today.

Medical cannabis or medical marijuana is for qualified patients only.

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