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We offer South Dakota medical marijuana (cannabis) card in-person evaluations and certifications by a licensed South Dakota medical provider with full technical support for card application completion.

Protected Safety & Privacy

We protect our patient’s privacy. Evaluations are strictly confidential and your medical records will be kept private. Unless accompanied by a legal guardian, must be 18+ years old. A legal picture ID is required. Out of state residents with valid medical marijuana cards from their respective states are also eligible for a South Dakota Medical Marijuana card. Caregivers are welcome.


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  • 660 Flormann Street, Rapid City, SD*WE MOVED! Rapid Referrals is now located in the lower level of the professional offices behind the Safeway on Mt Rushmore Road and can be accessed from Flormann Street. The lower-level entrance is opposite the main entrance (at 631 St Anne) and can be found on the southwest corner of the building.
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Welcome to Rapid Referrals, the best medical marijuana card clinic in South Dakota! We are located at 631 Saint Anne Street, behind the Safeway on Mt Rushmore Road.

What separates our clinic from others is that our doctors specialize in medical marijuana evaluations. Our patients have valuable consultations and feel appreciated due to the compassion of each doctor.  We help patients get their medical marijuana cards and provide full technical support, so we are with them every step of the way. Our number one priority is patient satisfaction, so you’re guaranteed to leave our clinic satisfied! We know that your time is valuable, so if you’re in a hurry, give us a call today to get your card and access to dispensaries.

You’re sure to leave our clinic satisfied! Call today.


The Process

Medical Marijuana Card Patient Process Overview

Patient with Qualifying Condition

Patient has a medical condition and schedules an appointment with a Rapid Referrals physician.

Patient Sees A Rapid Referrals Provider

Patient sees the Rapid Referrals physician. If a qualifying medical condition exists, a medical certification is issued through the online SD medical cannabis portal for the patient. The fee for this service is only charged once certified.

Patient Applies with DOH

Before leaving the appointment, the patient receives an email from the state to create an account online. There is an additional $75 fee paid to the state to complete the application. Once approved, the patient will receive a medical marijuana (cannabis) card in the mail.

Caregiver Applies with DOH

(If applicable) Caregivers may be designated and officially added to the online account of the certified patient (or age-restricted cardholder) at the time of the certification, then must also wait for approval.

Cardholder Shops at Dispensary

The cardholder or caregiver may then purchase from a certified dispensary. Age-restricted cardholders (those under 18 yo) must have a designated Caregiver to purchase medical marijuana (cannabis) from a certified dispensary. Additional purchasing restrictions apply to age-restricted cardholders.

Patient Gets Relief & Follows up

Patient gets relief from product. Patient then obtains certification renewals and any follow up appointments at Rapid Referrals.

Find Out Now

Do you Qualify for a Cheaper Card?

For more information about the process, please view South Dakota’s “Step by Step Guide for Patients.” You can also download a .pdf version of the above patient process graphic.

Conditions that Qualify for A Medical Marijuana Card in South Dakota

The list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in South Dakota is clear.  Patients must have one of the following conditions and receive certification from a certified and licensed provider, must be at least 18 years old, and a South Dakota resident.

Cachexia often causes severe weight loss without any effort on the patient’s part. This is why people sometimes refer to cachexia as the ‘wasting syndrome’.  The majority of cannabis users are using it to treat chronic, severe or intractable pain. People with Epilepsy or other seizure disorders often have a hard time finding a medication that reduces their seizures, or they’re resistant to the traditional medicine prescribed by doctors. To see the full range of qualifying conditions view the list below. If you want to get your medical marijuana card in South Dakota, give us a call today!

Read Our FAQs

What are the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card In South Dakota?

Medical marijuana (cannabis) is a valuable aid in the treatment of a wide range of conditions that qualify patients for a medical card in South Dakota. These include pain relief (especially neuropathic pain), nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, and movement disorders. It is also a powerful appetite stimulant, specifically for patients suffering from chronic nausea, HIV, cancer, or dementia.  Additionally, medical marijuana is an effective stress reliever, so can be used for the treatment of mood disorders, including PTSD.  Nationwide, chronic pain, from any condition, is the most common reason for medical marijuana use. 

What kinds of medical marijuana are available?

Medical marijuana (cannabis) can be used in many preparations, from topicals, to tinctures, capsules, oils, various edible products as well as vape cartridges and smoked flower.

How to get a South Dakota medical marijuana card?

Patients must meet with a qualified medical provider in-person for a review of their medical condition(s) and records (if available) to determine if they qualify for the South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program. At Rapid Referrals, we perform this evaluation. If a qualifying condition is confirmed, the Rapid Referrals provider will create a patient account on the  South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program Patient Registry Portal – only medically certified patients are given access to the portal. The fee for the medical professional service at Rapid Referrals is only charged if the patient is certified as having a qualifying medical condition. Once certified by the provider online, the patient will immediately receive a temporary password by email from the state inviting them to create their unique login credentials and then to complete their portion of the online application, which includes uploading photos of their ID, a selfie pic, and any other additional documents if additional permissions are requested (e.g., permission to cultivate, low-income discount, caregiver applications, etc.). At Rapid Referrals, we offer full technical support for this part of the process as well. The state charges $75 annually for the card. Once approved by the state, the card will be mailed to the patient after which time the patient may then shop at qualified dispensaries. 

How often do South Dakota medical marijuana cards need to be renewed?

South Dakota law requires that medical marijuana (cannabis) certifications must be renewed annually. All renewal certifications must also be performed in-person.

What do I need to bring to my doctor's appointment for a South Dakota medical marijuana card evaluation at Rapid Referrals?

Medical records are not required at Rapid Referrals, but all patients must complete a medical history form upon arrival before meeting with the doctor. Fee for the 12-month medical certification for a new patient is $199 and for returning Rapid Referrals patients is $179. The state charges an additional $75 to complete your online application, renewals included. You will need a valid picture ID (Driver’s license, Passport, State ID) and an active email account that you must be able open on your smartphone while at the appointment. A South Dakota mailing address is all that’s required to prove residency. Caregivers must come with the patient and must have a unique email account. Patients under the age of 18 are welcome but must bring a legal guardian/parent, each with their own email account. Payment (by card or cash) for professional services is rendered at the time of the medical certification. Payment for the state fee is paid (online by card or PayPal) upon completion of the online application before the appointment ends.

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Qualifying Conditions For South Dakota Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Cards

The program provides access to dispensaries and medical cannabis (marijuana) for patients with qualifying medical conditions

  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Nausea
  • Cancer, including remission therapy
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Spasticity
  • Chronic, Severe Pain (from any condition)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Intractable Seizures
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Dementia
  • Anorexia/Loss of Appetite
  • Movement Disorders
  • PTSD

What Our Patients are Saying

  • “I highly recommend Rapid Referrals. If you want a judgement- free zone, this is the place. They are knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly.”

    Karen Cox
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “The experience was better than expected!”

    Mandy Froelich
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “Fast and friendly. Very knowledgeable!”

    Tracy Veigel
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “Easy, no fuss. would recommend highly. 10/10”

    Tyler Voght
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “The experience was better than I expected. Following Google Maps directions closely, I was easily able to find Rapid Referrals (it’s in the old Botticelli’s restaurant on Main Street in Rapid City). Dr. Seas and her staff are incredibly professional and passionate about providing appropriate medical recommendations. Highly recommend and am grateful for this resource in Western SD!”

    Mandy Froelich
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “I was a little worried about getting my license. But Erica made it very easy. And made me very comfortable. I would recommend her to anybody. She made the process very delightful and easy.”

    Douglas Jordan
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “Dr. E was extremely helpful in assessing my needs. And the rapid referral process was fast and easy. I highly recommend her and the company if you are looking for someone who is genuinely concerned about your well being and healthiest lifestyle!”

    Daniel Cheshire
    My Rapid Card Patient
  • “Thank you Rapid Referrals for assisting me in getting my pain medicine on track finally! After 27 years as a type 1 diabetic, I finally have the freedom of taking care of myself in a way that works for me!”

    Dominic Kirkendall
    My Rapid Card Patient
*Rapid Referrals moved! We are now located at 660 Flormann Street in the professional offices behind the Safeway on Mount Rushmore Road. Our office entrance is opposite the main entrance (at 631 Saint Anne Street) and can be found on the southwest corner of the building. Parking can be accessed from Flormann Street.

Get to Know Rapid City When You Visit Our Medical Marijuana Card Clinic

We are proud to be able to help South Dakotans get their medical marijuana card and into a dispensary. If you’re new to South Dakota or perhaps new to the world of cannabis, don’t worry–we treat everyone with respect who comes through Rapid Referrals doors. We can help you get your medical marijuana card. 

Our Rapid City Marijuana Card Clinic is located close to some terrific local businesses and points of interest. After visiting our clinic, we urge our patients to explore some of these fantastic places! A few of our favorites include Dahl Arts Center, The Journey Museum & Learning Center, and Vickie Powers Memorial Park.


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